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    Learn & Bloom: Virtual Couples’ Workshop (June)

    Introducing the new “Learn & Bloom Couples Workshop” – This 4-day virtual workshop is designed for couples who are looking for a fun way to gain insight and learn new skills to enhance their relationship. Whether you are a couple who is preparing for marriage, newly married, or looking to reignite the flame of your long-term marriage, you will benefit from this workshop as it provides a fun space for couples to learn together as well as meet and learn from other couples who may be in different stages of their relationship. In this workshop, there will be breakout rooms for couples to have meaningful discussion and practice exercises privately. Although discussion is welcomed and encouraged, you will not be expected to participate within the group. You can expect to gain insight regarding topics such as: 

    – Strength & Growth Areas

    – Stress Management

    – Communication Skills

    – Conflict Resolution

    – Romance, Sex, & Affection

    The “Learn & Bloom: Couples Workshop” will be facilitated by Tia Redman, Founder of Blooming Minds Therapy & Prepare/Enrich Relationship Coach. Prepare/Enrich is the right choice for premarital/marital couples who are looking to increase awareness across multiple aspects of the relationship, lower risk for divorce, encourage discussion of strength and growth areas, and overall enhance your relationship. The Prepare/Enrich facilitator will assign couples with the task of completing an assessment prior to the workshop. Couples can expect to review and learn about each component of the results and participate in skill-building exercises that focus on improving communication and conflict resolution for example.

    Ready to sign-up? Click here to book your free 30-minute consultation appointment with the facilitator! During this consultation, she will provide more details on what to expect, answer any questions that you may have, and get you enrolled into the workshop. 

    Workshop Details

    When: TBD

    Time: 1:00pm-2:00pm

    Where: Virtual via Google Meet

    Cost: $400 per couple