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  • Liz Austin


    I was born and raised in Woodstock, IL, a small Midwestern town where Groundhog Day was filmed.

    After receiving my BA in Music (Violin Performance) and Eastern Studies from Middlebury College in Vermont, I embarked on a decade-long adventure to China which is where my curiosity and interest in alternative health, Eastern medicine, meditation and mindfulness began.

    After working in the start-up and corporate world for more than 20 years, leading large-scale personal development programs for the Summer and Winter Olympics, The Walt Disney Company, J&J and GE, I realized that I was still not completely aligned with my true self and had not yet stepped into my true self calling. 

    One of the most meaningful experiences I had while living in Asia was hiking three of the Sacred Peaks located throughout China, including hiking to the Mount Everest Base Camp in Tibet.

    Along my  ascents and summits of these sacred Chinese mountains, I realized during my own true self quest, that what I really wanted to do was to support fellow girls and women along their true self quests with a focus in Meditation/Mindfulness and the inspirations of Nature.

    It brings me inexpressible fulfillment to support women in breaking free from their own insecurities and self-criticisms so they can fully align with their true self, get to the root of their personal wisdom, and create lifestyles that feel truly meaningful for them.


    Did you know girls and women block themselves daily through self-criticism and negative beliefs at least 9 times every day? This pattern is currently causing decreased self-esteem, daily anxiety, onset of depression, and abandonment of lifestyle goals in hundreds of thousands of women and girls of every age.

    If you are currently struggling with self-criticism and negative beliefs blocking you from realizing your financial goals, wellness goals, business goals, personal project goals, relationship goals, you can 100% transform yourself and your lifestyle hrough receiving daily support and mindfulness guidance amongst a supportive group of like-minded women each week.

    This is why I created True Self Quest. To give you daily access to uplifting group inspiration and encouragement mindfulness tools to approach yourself and life with more compassion and real-time online mentoring to give you pro-active lifestyle solutions for your career, studies, business, wellness and relationships.

    My mentoring is focused on my proprietary mindfulness method called the C to C  –  R to R  –  M to M  method -Helping you transform your personal blocks through a Critical to Compassionate, Reactive to Receptive, and Mindless to Mindful approach to yourself and your lifestyle.

    As a TSQ Monthly Member you will have weekly access to LIVE group lifestyle mentoring with me 2X weekly focused on helping you find the best direction and solutions for your business, career, relationships and personal wellness.

    My 1:1 support with direct messaging every day so you can reach out to me directly any time you want more personalized feedback

    Specific mindfulness and meditative tools you can integrate instantly into your daily routine to help you create transformative shifts and positive effects in every area of your lifestyle

    Full Access to all of my group masterclasses and mentoring session replays always so if you aren’t able to join a LIVE session you won’t miss a thing!

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