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  • Prepare/Enrich Relationship Coaching

    Are you seeking to build the foundation of your relationship or enhance your relationship after years of being committed? If you answered “yes” to either of those questions, you can benefit from the Prepare/Enrich relationship program. 

    Prepare/Enrich is the right choice for premarital/marital couples who are looking to increase awareness across multiple aspects of the relationship, lower risk for divorce, encourage discussion of strengths and growth areas, and overall enhance your relationship. This program can also be tailored to be applied for coparenting dynamics and pre-adoption/foster relationships. 

    How It Works

    The Prepare/Enrich facilitator will assign couples with the task of completing an assessment. For clarification, this is not a graded test. It is an assessment of your relationship which will provide deepened insight across multiple aspects of the relationship. Upon completion of the assessment, couples can expect to review and learn about each component of the results. In each follow up session, couples will participate in skill-building exercises that focus on communication and conflict resolution to name a couple. Couples will be provided an Prepare/Enrich workbook which includes exercises that will be applied outside of sessions. 

    To learn more about the program, visit the Prepare/Enrich website here

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